Over 10 Million of the original Swivel Sweepers have been sold, and now the best just got better with the new Swivel Sweeper G2! It’s easy to use and it even picks up in grout lines, and at less than 1kg, it’s still the lightest weight cordless sweeper out there. It picks up forwards, backwards or side to side, and it swivels and pivots picking up wherever it goes in any direction with its patented quad-brush technology. The Swivel Sweeper’s brushes spin at 4000 RPM, creating a powerful vacuum action so it picks up the big stuff and even the tiniest dust and dirt particles. The corner brushes even tackle messes along baseboards and into corners – nothing picks up like the new G2!

Get yours now to take advantage of the G2’s 5 great new features;

- The Super Sliders
- The Touchless Dirt Tray
- The Back Saver Elbow Joint
- The Non-slip Rubber Tip
- The Magnetic Storage Latch.


• Powerful, rotating brushes that pick up dirt and messes from all 4 sides
• Head swivels 360 degrees allowing you to maneuver around furniture
• Can be used on tiles, wood and carpet without fear of scratching
• Gets into hard to reach places and corners
• Easy to store
• Quiet
• One hand operation
• Cordless - you can use it anywhere
• Lightweight - weighs 2 lbs. (0.91 kgs).
• Rechargeable Battery
• Made of durable plastic and aluminum

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