Introducing the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE 5-in-1 steamer!
Designed to thoroughly clean and help sanitize all the surfaces in your home without harsh chemicals. In seconds the powerful H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer converts ordinary water into super heated. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, nursery or backyard grill - now you can GREEN CLEAN with Variable Steam settings that make the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer perfect for virtually any cleaning job.
  Floor Mop - The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer is a super maneuverable and light floor mop. The super hot lab tested steam loosens the dirt and grime while the microfiber lifts and locks it in. Steam set high for laminate and marble. Steam set low for a streak free shine on sealed wood floors. Steam set in between for tile, grout, ceramic and more!  
Carpet Cleaner - The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE carpet glider lets you easily remove stains plus it helps refresh and deodorize your rugs. Refresh your carpets anytime since you’ll never have to rent a carpet cleaner again.
Hand-Held Steamer – The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer transforms into the perfect hand-held steamer by clicking two simple buttons. It comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush. Now you have germ busting GREEN CLEANING steam in the palm of your hand. Remove the stink from your sink, blast off caked on gunk even in tight spaces, steam away bathroom messes you never want to touch.
Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner – Attach the 30 inch extension hose to the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer to clean windows, glass and mirrors without leaving annoying streaks and smears. There’s even a dusting wand attachment that eliminates dust nightmares on blinds, banisters and furniture.
Garment Steamer No more ironing, the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer with the included garment bonnet is a great time saver. Chemical free steam relaxes the fabric so wrinkles simply disappear. It also helps remove stains and body odors.
Steam Lazer Make the most of your H2O Steam Cleaner. Use this extra-long attachment with the mop's handheld unit to clean hard-to-reach places.
Cradle Strap Cleaning with your H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE is a dream! Make it even easier with this handy accessory. Hang the adjustable strap over your shoulder, and place your H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE Steam Cleaner's handheld unit in the cradle to effortlessly clean around the house.
Nylon Brushes This set included two additional color nylon brushes (red and blue) to avoid cross contamination.

Product Info

The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE with Built-In Portable Steamer is designed not only to thoroughly clean floor surfaces, such as marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and parquet, but get your entire house incredibly clean! The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE deodorizes sanitizes and increases cleaning power by converting water to steam. It also uses a microfibre floor cloth to enhance absorbency.

When contact is made with floor surfaces, dirt and grime can be eliminated in a matter of seconds. Just detach the steam generator from the H20 base and becomes a powerful handheld steamer. Cut through baked on oven mess, sanitize kid's toys, blast away dirt in grout and even steam clean blinds! Attached the Carpet Glider and it converts into a carpet steamer! The dirt stops here!


What’s Included:

1 x Handheld Steamer
1 x Lime scale cleaning Pin (stainless steel)
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Glider
1 x Jet Nozzle
1 x Round Nylon Brush GREEN
1 x Extension Hose (85 cm)
1 x MF Cloth Pad
1 x Window cleaning tool with squeegee
1 x Coral Cloth for Window cleaning tool w Drawstring
1 x Microfiber Cloth for Garment Steamer
1 x English Instructional Manual
Bonus Accessories:

1 x Cradle Strap
1 x Long Steam Laser w/ Threaded Pin & Cap
1 x Duster
1 x Coral Cloth for Duster w Drawstring
1 x BLUE Round Nylon Brush
1 x RED Round Nylon Brush

How to use H2O Mop® X5™



The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE unit is designed to thoroughly clean floor surfaces, such as marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and parquet. Not all floors types are suitable for steam cleaning. On surfaces that have been treated with wax, the wax may be removed by the heat and steam action. Do not use on unsealed flooring or let unit stand on any wood or heat sensitive floor for an extended period of time. This could cause the wood grain to rise. When using on vinyl, linoleum or any other heat sensitive floors, use extra caution. Too much heat can melt down glue in the flooring. When using the appliance on laminated floor, the laminated floor should have been laid professionally and not have any gaps or cracks in which humidity could enter. Test the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE unit on a small isolated area of your flooring prior to overall use on any floor surface. Always check the use and care instructions of your flooring manufacturer before using the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE unit. If any doubt, please consult a specialist. Only use the carpet glider on carpeting & rugs. Use of the carpet glider on other floor surfaces will cause streaking and can possibly scratch the surface.

Instructional Manual :
PDF Download of Instructional Manual


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