Easy Sew, the cordless, lightweight portable sewing machine for all your last minute repairs. It never fails you. When you're in a rush to get out the door and your hem falls, your pants split, your seam comes apart, it takes only seconds to repair. Great for a dorm room, your kids will love the convenience. It's portable so you can sew outdoors on the patio or deck. Don't spend a fortune on alterations. Easy Sew instantly fixes a seam on a suit or mends a zipper.

• Quality Lockstitch Feature
• Works on any Fabric
• Powerful 2 speed motor
• Professinal style foot pedal 
• Cordless...use indoors or outdoors

• Compact and Lightweight 
• Perfect for Apartments & Dorms
• Mend seams and zippers
• Ideal for hems and tucks


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