Body innovation cellulite handheld massager

1.Speed can control freely 
3.4 replaceable transparent heads 

Item: Body Innovation as seen on TV

Model: ZK188

Item size:18X15X11CM

Charger power supply voltage:110-240V,50HZ,25W


Professional lipomodelling system

Fights cellulite and flaccidity efficiently at home

Inspired by professional massage techniques,this latest-generation massager provides an effective therapeutic massage at home and is especially suitable for those suffering from cellulite,fluid retention and flaccidily.

Its effectiveness lies in its powerful motor that produces simultaneous rotaing and vibrating movements. This complex movement provides a subcutaneous massage,increasing blood flow,encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood circulation,improving skin elasticity.

Sculptural applies friction and kneading movements,copying the hand movements of an expert therapeutic massage.

Sculptural is ergonomically designed for convenient home use,allowing the user to give herself a massage anytime,anywhere.

For effectuve results,we recommend using sculptural for 15 minutes veryday.This massager can be used with specific treatment creams(firming or anticellulite).

Main parts:

1.Main body of the appliance

2.Off/massage/massage IR switch

3.Variable massage intensity control

4.Infrared radiation emitter

5.Finger massage head

6.Roller massage head

7.Ball massage head

8.Wave-Shaped head

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