A - Dent Out will remove dents in doors, fenders, hoods and trunk lids quickly and easily without harming the original paint surface.

Dent Out will safely remove small and medium sized dings and dents on Cars, Boats, RV's Motorcycles and more! Dents and Dings are a thing of the Dent Out like a Magic.

Dent Out was originally designed for technicians to remove dents in difficult to reach areas. It soon became "The Bodyshop's Secret Tool." Now the secret is out. With Dent Out, anyone can remove dents and dings from any car, in a matter of minutes.

This is the original Dent Out As seen on Tv. Beware of cheap quality. It's Easy!

• Simply glue a dent pulling tab to the center of the dent.
• Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab.
• Twist turning knob onto dent pulling tab and twist until it pops.
• Remove the glue with rubbing alcohol (not included).

Dent Out Repair Kit Includes:

• Remove Dent Easily. Just Stick-twist & dents are gone
• Pulling Bridge
• Hot Glue Gun
• Dent Pulling Tabs
• Sticks Of OEM Safe Glue
• Turning Knob Dent Out Directions

1 - Place a glue stick in the gun and pre-heat. Clean the surface of the dent. Apply an ample amount of glue to the Dent Pulling Tab.

2 - Quickly apply to center of dent and let cool for a few minutes.

3 - Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab and attach the turning knob.

Scratch Out

The Scratch Out Has Met Its Match The fast action scratch remover from Simoniz Goes on clear, dries clear, so its virtually invisible The resins fill the scratch while UV hardeners cure in natural sunlight Repairs scratches like magic No sanding tools or hard labor For your car, for your home


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