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Are everyday working chores becoming a pain in the back? Well,say goodbye to all the pain because here's the Impact Toolkit from TeleBrands. The All in One Kit will get your household chores done in minutes !!The Impact Tool Kit is the last tool kit you will ever have to buy!!

The Impact Tool Kit Drill has a variable speed option which helps you drill holes with perfect precision and the hammer action option will make holes in concrete with ease. The Drill is also reversible and has a spirit level on the top for those neat and straight holes.


General Feature

Impact Tool Kit Total Contents:

  • 2 Speed Reversible Drill Machine

  • Nose Plier

  • Wire Cutter

  • Big Philips Screwdriver

  • Small Philips Screw Driver

  • Small Slot Screw Driver

  • 13 pc Drill Bit Set

  • Screw Driver Handle

  • 22 Screw Bits

  • Set Screws, Wall Plugs & Terminals

  • Drill Handle

  • Big Slot Screw Driver

  • Wire Cutter & Stripper

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