Snap n Grip  in Bangladesh
Snap n Grip tool in India is definitely one of the most interesting availability for the people to solve everyday problems relating to taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, etc. Usually we need to call a technician or a plumber to deal with such problems that not just interrupt your work but also disturbs your monthly budget. Though not anymore. Now you can repair scrapes nuts and bolts yourself using snap n grip tool.

Snap n grip is easy to use and provides you the full convenience of repairing everyday nuts and bolts at your home only. The product comes in a pack of two wrenches, one small and another large. They are light in weight and adjusts themselves according to the size and shape of the nuts and bolts of almost all the sizes from 9mm to 32mm. This universal wrench is capable of repairing all the tweaking and scraping nuts at home without wasting any time or charging you a penny.
So what are you waiting for? Get snap n grip tool for you and save your money spent in repairing for nuts and bolts

Terms of Conditions

1)Free Home Delivery Service.
2)No Delivery Charge.
3)Outside Of Dhaka Delivery From SA Poribohon.
4)Stock is Available.
5)100% Genuine Products.
6)Faster Delivery Service.


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