What is Slim 24 Pro™?

Slim 24 Pro™ is incredible meal replacement formula that provides vital nutrients, keeping your body slim string and healthy. Slim 24 Pro™ is keeps your body fit and healthy. ‘Whey Protein’ is the key ingredient of the product and is widely accepted form of Amino Acids or Protein which is essential for a fit body. It also contains all the major Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and the required Fibers for a healthy body.

Slim 24 Pro™ - path breaking meal replacement formula

  • Food grade Product!

  • Safe! No side effects!

  • Not a medicine! or supplement!

Why do you need Slim 24 Pro™?

Slim 24 Pro™ is an amazing product which is meant to serve required nutrients to the human body which gets lost due to the intensive weight loss regime or through improper diet intake. Slim 24 Pro™ help in building body strength, enhancing energy levels and provides complete physical fitness. This proprietary formula is made to provide human body with all the important vitamins and minerals in the required quantity for a healthy living life. It energizes your body with a lot of strength, vigor and vitality.

How to use Slim 24 Pro™?

Take Two scoops of Slim 24 Pro™ with Milk, Curd or Water to not further indulge in unhealthy snacking, that are responsible for various health issues such as obesity, uneven muscle-tone, reduced stamina due to excess energy consumption for body to cope up with unnecessary food intake. Regular usage of Slim 24 Pro™ will eventually leads to the body losing extra body fat, giving away the best body shape.

How does it works?

Slim 24 Pro™ acts in three different ways:

  • Slim 24 Pro™ provides nutrients and elements that are required for the complete well being of your body.

  • It contains whey Protein in Cross flow Micro-Ultrafiltered form in order to get easily absorbed by the body. This helps in fast recovery of muscle injuries and makes them even stronger.

  • There are several other major elements provided in Slim 24 Pro™ that helps in maintaining the complete wellness of human body such as Folate, Iron, Vitamin A, B & C, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Phosphorus etc. These are all required to live a healthy life.


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