Experience The Power of THE 3 MINUTE workout!!

The Sculptor from Hotbrands …an effective and powerful fitness equipment that will transform your whole body in just three minute a day. WITH The sculptor you will loose your fat, shed those extra inches and reduce your weight,, Not in a month, not in weeks, but in only a few days by just exercising three minutes or less !!

Its secret is its revolutionized ascent motion. This motion is a perfect combination of four effective fitness moves… Leg press, row, squats, and crunches.

With this power of this perefct combination the sculptor can Sculpt your Body From head to toe in just one single motion.

Unlike ordinary fitness equipment’s the sculptor allows you to go below parallel, that helps to activate all major muscles in just one stroke such as calves, hamstrings, back, triceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, wings, and your entire core…

In just one motion you can activate your whole body and you will start sweating, and that’s the reason your exercise gets completed in just three minutes or less..

You not only loose weight but you loose inches too. In such a drastic manner that you wouldn’t believe. You get all this in just one simple supported motion. No back pain, no knee pain and no time consuming cardio

Not one hour, not 40 minutes, not 20 minutes, not even 10 minutes, if you can spare just three minute of your busy schedule you can get yourself sexy toned body.


  1. The sculptor is the only equipment that activates all your major muscles in just one single motion.

  2. It is designed on the concept of body resistance method.

  3. Its riding motion activates all your major muscles like calves, hamstrings, hips, gluts, tights, entire core, wings, arms, shoulders and back and even your wrist.

  4. It doesn’t put any pressure on any single muscle that means no back or knee pain…

  5. To support your body weight there is a footrest and a hand rest.

  6. You can train your biceps and triceps by changing your grips.

  7. Its high quality rubber ensures smooth movement and the industrial strength spring gives you constant resistance..


OFFER: Free gifts worth Rs. 2000…

  1. Performance Tracker: It can be useful to keep record of your exercise duration, repetition, and calories brunt... call now and you will get performance tracker worth rupees 500 absolutely free.


  1. Resistance band: This band used along with your sculptor will help you to get a power packed muscles workout. Biceps, triceps, wings, shoulders, not only this but you can train your all Major muscles by the use of this band... yes you also get this Resistance Band worth rupees 1000 … absolutely free...

  2. RECEPIE BOOKLET: We all know that if we combine exercise with good eating habits we get double the weight loss. But Diet food is boring,, well no more we are giving you this recipe book that is packed with delicious mouth watering recipes. If you call in next 15 min you get this recipe book worth rupees 500/-... absolutely free 

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