Push-ups easier and effective for toning the body gradually.


Fitness Pump is the new fitness tool designed to strengthen and develop sculpted pecs, triceps, deltoids, lats , and for toning abs, legs and buttocks .

The system allows you to leverage the classic push-ups with more ease and less fatigue. Fitness Pump makes the muscles work twice with the same force, reducing the body weight of 50% and allowing you to maintain a good posture for your back.


Fitness Pump: three different grips for a wide and complete range of exercises.


  • External handle, the easiest to use, the leverage is higher and therefore there is less resistance and therefore less fatigue. Allows a wide range of movements that are working the muscles of the shoulders and back of the chest.

  • Handle Internal resistance increases and allows you to work on the biceps, triceps, pectorals and the muscles of the chest. This results in a strong enhancement of the biceps for men but for women, results in a breast contouring and muscle tone of the arms.

  • Top handle: allows you to work on the muscles of the shoulders and triceps on the lower arms. It helps to sculpt the muscles, tones and defines your chest.


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