DermaSeta is your professional, handheld mini spa that not only helps you remove hair painlessly and effectively, but also exfoliates and helps to give you beautiful and radiant skin. DermaSeta provides you all benefits of many spa skin treatments without expensive spa prices.

The DermaSeta hair removal system works by using our derma crystal pads and combining them with our hair removal DermaSeta machine that rotates up to 550 times per minute; painlessly removing unwanted hair while also helping to polish, exfoliate and buffer your skin. DermaSeta comes with 9 attachments so it is safe to use on your entire body to help remove body hair painlessly and effectively. DermaSeta is the perfect option if you don’t want to have to go through painful waxing or expensive laser hair removal treatments.

No More Painful Waxing!

Nobody likes to have hot wax poured on them and everyone cringes when it is time to pull the painful waxing paper off their skin. Never again will you have to endure painful waxing treatments because your DermaSeta will not only provide you with the same results, but will also help you save a lot of money as compared to expensive spa visits and trips to the doctor for laser hair removal treatments.

Small and Fits on Your Countertop.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to make those embarrassing trips to the salon only to have them give you painful and expensive waxing treatments? Waxing, laser, electric and other hair removal systems take up a lot of space and are embarrassing to have in your house. Stop those embarrassing spa trips and awkward situations when you cannot find a place to store your skin care products because now you can remove hair painlessly and easily in the comforts of your own home with DermaSeta.

No More Wasting Time in Your Bathroom, Shaving.

The DermaSeta not only makes a great painless alternative to waxing or laser hair removal treatments, but it is also an amazing and time saving option to shave your legs, arms and even unwanted facial hair.

Shaving your legs becomes more of a chore and takes a lot of time to finish. You also usually end up missing small patches which can be extremely embarrassing, not to mention you have to start all over again with shaving creams, razors, washing, etc... What’s even worse is that many of us end up with bumps, nicks and cuts which not only sting but can bleed and make our legs and skin look like a mess. Since the DermaSeta painless hair removal system does not use sharp and dangerous razors, you can consider cuts and scrapes from shaving a thing of the past! Not only will you ever have to endure embarrassing cuts from shaving again, but because of the 550 rotations per minute and our derma crystal Pads, the DermaSeta by removing hair almost instantly will also save you time to do other things besides sitting in a bathroom and shaving your arms and legs.

We all could use extra time to spend with our families or even just on ourselves; so why not let DermaSeta save you that extra time so you can enjoy your life and not spend it stuck in a bathroom, shaving!


What's Included

DermaSeta is a dream come true painless hair removal system that provides you with all of the benefits of a spa visit, without expensive spa prices. Your hair removal kit comes with a body buffering pad, a foot smoother so you can give yourself a pedicure and have baby smooth feet, a DermaSeta wand to help remove unwanted and embarrassing facial hair, and we have even include free additional batteries so you can continue enjoying your DermaSeta hair removal system without having to worry about its power running out! To make this deal even better and help you love your Derma Seta hair removal system even more, we’ll also throw in our Full Body Accessory Kit for only shipping and processing.

The Full Body Accessory Kit turns your DermaSeta Painless Hair Removal Kit into a full body pampering spa system. The Body Pampering kit includes two different massage heads to help you massage and relax your muscles as well as help to give you smoother looking thighs. It also includes a larger crystal pad to help remove embarrassing and annoying dry skin from your elbows and knees whereas the DermaSeta deep cleaning brush helps to open up your pores while gently exfoliating your face.

The Derma Seta Instant Hair Removal and Spa Kit comes with amazing attachments.
Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad
The derma crystal Hair Removal pad contains the Derma Seta® crystals that painlessly bump hair out of the follicle leaving your skin smooth and silky to the touch.
Foot Smoother
The Foot Smoother attachment for your Derma Seta® works to help smooth out ugly and unattractive calluses on your feet to leave your feet looking like you spent a fortune on an expensive pedicure..
Pumice Stone
The Derma Seta® pumice stone is a great attachment to help give your feet a smooth and beautiful look.
Body Buffer
Our Body Buffer attachment helps you finish off your skin spa treatment and buffer your skin so that you walk away looking and feeling fresh, clean and vibrant.
Macro & Micro Massage Modules
Our massaging heads and massaging attachments help to turn your Derma Seta® into your best friend. Not only do they help to smooth out your legs and hips, but they also help to leave you feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed like you had just had a nice long professional massage.
Facial and Bikini Line Hair Removal
The Facial and Bikini Line hair removal attachments help to gently and painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face and your bikini line without expensive, painful and embarrassing trips to the spa or salon.
Deep Cleanser Brush
Our Deep Cleanser brush gently and effectively helps to open pores and deep clean your face to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.


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