Electric Foot Massager Warm Air Flow Acupressure Percussion Massager By Interactive Health - The only foot massager that combines percussive massage with a heat delivery system that really works – instantly! Scientically-located Acupressure nodes stimulate all of your feet’s pressure points at once. Equalizer feet massager provides a deep percussion massage for tired and aching feet. Equalizer foot pro massager unique action soothes your soles, relieving stress and tension. In just a few minutes, your feet will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. To reduce the risk of electric shock, the equalizer electric foot massager has a polarized plug. The plug will only fit into a polarized outlet. Equalizer thumper massager is the ultimate in robotic foot massage technology. This percussion massager has twin, custom-designed “Ergo-Pad” massage heads for deep percussion massage. The warm air 200 combines acupressure-inspired massaging nodes with the relaxing relief of warm air to pamper tired feet.

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